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Facets of Beauty is a non-profiit organization focused on giving young women of color exposure to many facets of the beauty and fashion industries through mentorship, education and career opportunities.



As young women of color navigate educational choices and career planning in high school, our mission is to provide exposure to the many facets of the beauty and fashion industries. FACETS OF BEAUTY will give them access to diverse career mentorship, college preparation, internships and scholarships, while also building character through self-esteem and confidence building workshops.

"Young women of color from disadvantaged communities are most familiar with cosmetology career options when they think of jobs in beauty. We would like to expand their awareness beyond the traditional vocational considerations by introducing them to inspiring mentors and opening up the world of opportunity in the beauty and fashion industries." 

-Erica Roberson, Facets of Beauty Co-Founder

"...women of color are scarce in corporate America. Women of color make up just 16.5% of people who work for S&P 500 companies. But they become even rarer the further up the ladder you go. They represent less than 10% of managers and a measly 3.9% of executives."

"Diversity is needed to propel creativity forward. Without representation from various backgrounds and perspectives, beauty & fashion risks being stagnate. Preparing young women of color to be industry leaders is necessary, and we will challenge our participants to be producers, creators and owners."

"Minority youth believe that they have fewer career choices and opportunities and that it will be difficult to attain a successful job."

"Their lowered expectations are likely the result of a lack of exposure to job possibilities within their environments and the asymmetrical distribution of education among urban minority youths and the general population."

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